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The Club Atlético Atlanta was founded in October 12th, in 1904. Its name was inspired by a United States warship which had arrived to Buenos Aires harbor to participate in a presidential change of command ceremony, the day that Manuel Quintana gave command to Julio Argentino Roca. Years later, a journalist gave the club the iconic nickname “Bohemios”, because of the constant changes of fields and secretariats.

We have lived in many neighbourhoods and we took something special of any of them. Our wandering life has given us the characteristics we have nowadays. Carnivals and tango are part of us. Atlanta is identified with literature, tango and rock and roll icons. We are Bohemios and our DNA destines us to be dreamers, unique and creative.

Soccer, as the most important sport in Atlanta, is among the 20 teams with more score in the entire history of Argentinian soccer, achieved during the 64 seasons in First Division that were disputed (45 of them in the professionalism).

León Kolbowski stadium (Humboldt 350, CABA) is located in Villa Crespo, one of the touristic spots in Ciudad de Buenos Aires because of its rides full of premium clothing stores and coveted restaurants, which are 10 minutes away from Palermo and 25 minutes from the Obelisco and Puerto Madero. You can easily get there by the underground (Line B, Dorrego station), a plenty of busses and the metrobus (Padilla station). Every Atlanta’s match is watched by hundreds of families, tourists, huge fans in a constant happiness environment.

The tourists who want to visit the stadium and watch a match have to write an email to consulting all their doubts. Also, in case of having precision the day of the match, they can show up directly with anticipation to get the tickets.

The tourism requires enjoyment, so if you want to feel Atlanta though your bowels, you can meet El Restaurante Los Bohemios (Humboldt 358, CABA), you can’t miss it! the Atlanta’s store, which is in the entrance of the club Social Campus, sells Atlanta merchandising, essential to feel the real Bohemian passion through your skin and to appreciate young people playing sports.

We are looking forward to meet you in Atlanta! A unique experience.


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Estadio León Kolbowski
Humboldt 374. Villa Crespo.
Centro de Alto Rendimiento Antonio Carbone
Avenida San Martín 7281, Villa Madero.
Complejo Open Atlanta
Avenida Dorrego 457. Villa Crespo.
Sede Social Ezequiel Kristal
Humboldt 540. Villa Crespo.